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Adopting the Hurt Child
Gregory C Keck and Regina Kupecky

Retail price $17.99
Amazon Price: $12.23

Book description:
Without avoiding the grim statistics, this book reveals the real hope that hurting children can be healed through adoptive and foster parents, social workers, and others who care. Includes information on foreign adoptions.


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This should be required reading for all foster parents, adoptive parents, social workers, caseworkers, and anyone that works with children who are in Foster Care System. Anyone who has taken the classes that are required to take before adopting or fostering a child, should read this book as a re-fresher of what they are dealing with at home with these children.

This book not only deals with the issues of attachment and other developmental issues of the adoptive child, but it gives you practical strategies to overcome and deal with them. This book is very enlightening and offers hope to parents of hurt children.

~Reviewed by Nancy K.



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