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The Rose Hotel
By Rahimeh Andalibian
Nightingale Press

Retail Price $14.99
Amazon Price: $14.99

Book Description: 

A country in chaos, a clash of civilizations, and a family torn asunder... In the midst of the upheaval and violence of Iran's 1979 revolution, a young girl struggles to make sense of a complex swirl of mystery and change. In the novel, The Rose Hotel, Dr. Rahimeh Andalibian tells the true-life story of her Iranian Muslim family and two brutal crimes - one that her father solved and another of which her brother is accused. The Iranian-born author takes us first into the early intimacy of her pious family as they lived in prosperity in their luxury hotel in Mashhad, Iran. Their life of beauty and tranquility is ruptured by revolution, followed by a fall from grace, as her homeland is forever altered and her family is uprooted, first to London, and finally to California, where they suffer a different kind of revolution. Struggling to acculturate and adjust to a new host culture in America, they soon discover that although they escaped Iran, they were not free from their own lies and hidden truths. Heartbreaking and intimately told, The Rose Hotel is a story of healing, rebirth after tragedy, and hard-won redemption.


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Wow.  This was one amazing story.  In some ways it reads like a suspense novel, but in other ways it is like reading the headlines in the daily newspaper.  The author does a wonderful job sharing her personal journey and conveying the varied emotions that were experienced through all she and her family went through.  To write this and to have it published took courage and strength, of which the author has an abundance of.

~Reviewed by Allie B.


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